Journal of Radiological Science Introduction

  Starting with the March 2011 issue (Volume 36, Number 1), the Chinese Journal of Radiology has now been renamed the Journal of Radiological Science (JRS). We believe this title better reflects the journal’s content, while addressing the broad spectrum of the radiologic sciences in the 21th century. The new name will allow the journal to continue to grow and fulfill its mission to be a leading, peer-reviewed journal that bridges the gap between the academic researchers and the practicing clinicians and medical physicists in the field.

  The RSROC’s Chinese Journal of Radiology (CJR) has been published since 1976, with the first Editor being Dr. Kuang-Yao Chen, and later, Dr. Jen-Huey Chiang laid the foundation for its continued growth. The current Editor-in-Chiefs are Dr. Hon-Man Liu and Dr. Yung-Liang Wan (2019 to present). The CJR was initially issued as a quarterly journal and then bimonthly from 1996. The original goal was to provide our colleagues with opportunities to publish and perfect their work in their researches and practices. The new Board of Directors and Supervisors are now endeavoring to transform the journal to the international level with impacts and contributions towards its advancement.

  The core focus of the journal remains unchanged from the original articles, research reports, case studies, and various columns. Over the years we have continued to expand our dissemination of the peer-reviewed, evidence-based information, so as to incorporate the broader aims and scope of the diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, radiologic biology, physical therapy, radiologic physics, and other radiologic sciences-related fields.

  It is our aspiration that the name change will not only allow us to embrace the important changes of the radiologic sciences, but also to provide easy access to our publication in a timely fashion. With the support of our members, we aim to publish a highly scientific quality journal with a global reputation that will enable us to serve the field.

  We hope you will share in our excitement and, as always, we welcome your feedback.


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